“Where is my order, and when will it be shipped?”,  “When can I expect my order to be delivered?”, “When I’m getting the refund?”. If you are a twinkledeals customer, you may also encounter these question, right? it’s not the only twinkledeals reviews 2017, but in this year, there is still exist these problem.

this post will do a summarise for customer reviews which left on twinkledeals reviews blog in 2017. and as you see, they are 100% true.

Negative customer reviews for twinkledeals

The review comments on twinkledeals reviews blog account for almost 70%. They could be separated to several big complaints. One is reviews about their order. One is customer service contacting. Another one is getting my money back.

Twinkledeals, Where is my order?

It’s the most question consumers consult or complain. As a international e-retailer, twinkledeals located in Asia but the biggest proportion of sales is provided by Norther American and Europe. the delivery time for twinkledeals is a little long, sometimes it will need almost one month to receive your order.

For more information about twinkledeals delivery time and where your order is, visit:

TwinkleDeals, Where Is My Order?


How to contact twinkledeals customer service?

Contacting a asia company is a little difficult than contacting a local company for norther amercan or europe customer. Because the time zone and language is different. Twinkledeal offers 3 main way for customers to contact its customer service. Email, chatlive and support center.

For more information about contacting twinkledelas customer service, visit:

How to Contact Twinkledeals Customer Service?

customer service

When am i getting my refund?

This kind of customer complaint is not as much as order tracking or customer service contacting. But if you want to purchase with twinkledeals, you should have to know its return and refund policy.

For more information about twinkledeals return and refund, visit:

what you dont know about TwinkleDeals Return


Positive customer reviews for twinkledeals

The number of positive twinkledeals reviews accounting for a small proportion. Why? In China, there is a old saying, “好事不出门,坏事传千里”, it means we will not spread good things but very happy to spread the bad things. Yes, we are not interested in leave positive reviews, but if we are not happy, we will try or we could to let others know.

100% Truth TwinkleDeals Reviews 2017

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  • 六月 11, 2017 at 1:49 下午

    Hi Guys.
    Where is my package?
    I have order my parcel on April still waiting. Can someone tell me whats going on.
    My contact details is 078 852 4225



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