Emerging as a new trend, the trend has been transformed into a mermaid and many women are making a stir.

Though just a few episodes are aired, but the movie “Legend Of The Blue Sea” has created a craze for Asian audiences. Not only attracted by the new script, but the film also attracted fans as soon as names male female Administration- published: Lee MinHo and Gianna Jun.

twinkledeals blanketAs has become the rule, a successful film is not only evidenced by the viewership excessively high, the positive feedback from the fans, but also from the fashion and film unexpected circumstances created a trend. And once again this time, “aunt ” Gianna Jun has made the fans enthralled with sexy mermaid shape and making it become more mainstream hunt women.

The first movement of the fish incarnation as “Legend Of The Blue Sea” is more popular among young girls.

It is known that this kind of fishtail quilt was produced before the film “Legend Of The Blue Sea” was released, but not until this film fever throughout Asia, the new trend began to be enthusiastic sisters “Trendsetters”. In order to please women, this type of quilt is designed with many colors, designs, different textures and extensive coverage of online sales sites such as: Amazon, Alibaba, Twinkledeals … Blankets have many dimensions different for both adults (length 1.6 m and width of 80 cm) and children (1.4 m long).

Thanks to the handy, easy to accept the price so special blankets are many women hunt.

Blankets made of wool in the winter should this become extremely useful for “her lazy” sip tea roll or book. In addition to the primary use is to keep your feet warm in the bitter days, the blanket also become trend “post photos” are many women hunt. It is reported that the price for owning a lovely fishtail oscillations around 20USD at TwinkleDeals.twinkledeals mermaid

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Why Are The Mermaid Blankets So Fever With Trends

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