TwinkleDeals now launchs watch category with china brands, such as GIMTO, sousou. its price range from 5 dollars to 35 dollars.

Scroll the mouse and browse TwinkleDeals’s watches, It reminds me of my first watch, that is my  school gift my grandpa given to me when I was admitted to the number one high school  in my home country. I remember that spent 10 dollars at that time. the style is very common, like the following pic, But its dial is not black but green:

twinkledeals sousou watches

i was very happy, can you understand it? I’m not saying how good or beautiful the watch is but it marked my growth. It means I was not a child any more, but to be mature. in my eyes at that time, that watch was beautiful and precious.

It’s depression that after six months, i lost that watch. However, in my rest of life it always reminiscent of it and my high school years from time to time.

Later, i grew up. The basic style of watches can not meet my need, so I began to follow the trend. the first start is a DW with a NATO strap, which is DW’s brand leader from starting in 2015. it’s my birthday gift from my best girlfriend, is similar to this style:

twinkledeals GIMTO watches

I still remember that watch has a red and blue NATO strap.

After that, i began to have more and more watches, their style is more and more feminine coz i become more and more mature. What i love most is gold watch with a red leather strap or with a thin metal strap, like them:

twinkledeals women watches

Woman, you don’t have to own a expensive watch, but it have to be the most beautiful and just can be hold by yourself.

Visit TwinkleDeals for more watches:

TwinkleDeals Watches Review

2 thoughts on “TwinkleDeals Watches Review

  • 四月 19, 2017 at 1:07 下午

    I love the men’s fashion of TwinkleDeal. I ordered a lot from them. However,
    there are some that I have not received. No word from this company. I am
    beginning to doubt their credibility especially when I am reading the comments
    and complaints about them. I am waiting for about 6 pcs of men clothing.
    Hope and pray they will contact me or they will NOT BLOCK my emails to them.
    Its fishy that when I ordered these items I was okay with my EMAILS to them.
    User’s ID and Password was good….however, now that I am following up my
    paid orders I CAN NOT USE MY EMAIL ANYMORE. Very disturbing.
    If TwinkleDeal is truly honest with their business dealings they should inform
    their customers what happened to their orders. If not, REFUND the money. As
    easy as that.

    Thank you,
    Boeing Laugan, Esq

    • 四月 20, 2017 at 9:43 上午

      “Dear Boeing,

      I get your comment about your order issue from this TwinkleDeals reviews blog.
      As there have six orders in our system, would you please kindly check your account and inform us which six items you didn’t receive?
      Your help will be appreciated.

      Sorry for your shopping experience.
      We look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Best regards,
      Twinkledeals Customer Service



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